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Vegetarian offers at Markthal


An eating pattern that suites you? That is the most essential part if you want to be fit and vital. Do you not eat meat or fish? We at Markthal have a nice variety of vegetarian dishes to offer you!  

Middle-Eastern cuisine

Want to experience the middle Eastern flavours? At The Gate of Damascus and Bab Tuma we have plenty of vegetarian options! On the menu you will find excuisit dishes like manakish (Arabian pizza prepared in a special oven) You can pick your own toppings to make your creation complete. At Bab Tuma we offer a vegetarian tajine and falafel-wrap. Also try the Gözleme at Ekmekci This traditional Turkish wrap can be filled with your topping of choice. The possibilities are endless! 

Asian cuisine

At 55bombay street you can experience authentic Indian streetfood. With their famous samosa: A crispy vegetarian fried pie. With a choice of different fresh chutney's, spices, chickpeas and onion. We also serve Pakora (An fried snack). Also try our homemade paratha! Can you choose?

European cuisine

Jamie's Italian offers special italian vegetarian dishes and even a variety of vegan options on it's menu. Enjoy some freshly made vegetable antipasti, pasta, vegetable burgers of mushroom fritatta's. At Obba's food bar we offer delicious fingerfood that is perfectly to share. That's what we call a good start of the night!


Busy? But still in the mood for a halthy alternative for fast food? At Salad Box and Sally’s Salads you can put your own salad together with countless toppings to choose from. At Arjaa’s you can enjoy freshly made pizza, sandwiches and desserts. There is also a big offer of imported Italian products.

Hungry already? Ask the entrepreneurs for vegetarian options!



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